Myths About Botox in Austin

How many Botox myths have you heard in the past? Like most people, you’ve probably heard a fair share of mistruths concerning this procedure. Perhaps you didn’t realize some of the things that you heard were even myths. The truth shall set you free, and with the information provided here, you can break free of the Botox myths. Here’s a look at a few myths about botox in austin and the truth of the matter.

Botox Makes Wrinkles Worse

If you stop getting injections, will it worsen your wrinkles? Some people think so, but the truth is that it doesn’t get worse. You simply go back to the way you looked before. Botox prevents wrinkles from getting worse while you’re getting the treatments. After time without Botox, the effects return to normal.

Anyone can use Botox

This is partially true. Botox is a relatively safe procedure, but it may not be wise to get Botox if you are a teenager, or if you’re an adult 65 years of age or older. Some dermatologists recommend younger patients wait until at least the late 20s for Botox. Although you might not realize it, Botox may not be right for people who have not gotten fully formed lines or wrinkles, and for the older population.

botox in austin

Botox is Painful

Most people who have Botox injections report that the procedure isn’t painful. There are a few discomforts for some people, and a little redness and bruising. But, overall, people who have used Botox do not report that it is painful. If you are concerned that it is going to be painful, leave this worry behind.

Botox is Only for Women

Don’t think that Botox is only for women. There are many men who use the procedure just like women and enjoy the improvement to their self-esteem and confidence. Men and women alike can use Botox and benefit from the procedure.

Botox has too Many Side Effects

There are minimal side effects associated with the use of Botox, but for most people, those are minimal. Potential Side effects of Botox include redness and swelling in the area, bruising, insomnia, and others. The side effects of Botox are minimal and usually not bothersome for most people.

Botox is Dangerous

Sure, there are side effects of Botox, but this isn’t a procedure that is dangerous for most people. Your dermatologist will talk to you about Botox and ensure that it is safe for you. If a qualified doctor determines it to be a safe procedure for you, leave the worries behind!

The Truth About Botox

These are some of the many myths that surround Botox injections that you’ve probably heard a time or two in the past. The truth about Botox is that it is a safe procedure for most people that helps you minimize the signs of aging that bring so many people down. If you are ready to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, talking to your doctor about this procedure is a good idea.

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